Will I be able to bring wine & champagne on board?
Each guest is permitted one (750ml) bottle of wine or champagne for consumption in their cabin. If the bottle is brought to a restaurant or public area; it will be subject to a $18 corkage fee. Each additional bottle of wine & champagne will incur a $18 corkage fee. Wine & Champagne must be carried on and cannot be packed in your luggage. Boxed wine is not permitted.

Will I be able to bring beer & hard liquor on board?


Will I be able to bring bottled water & soft drinks on board?
Guests are permitted unlimited bottled water and soft drinks, but here's the catch - they must be carried
on and cannot be packed in your luggage.


Are there any discounts available?
Yes, there are several available for Double Occupancy cabins.

Pay in full by May 1st to receive a $100 per person discount*.
Sorry suites, this is for standard cabins only (categories VA through N).
* applies to Lead & Second passengers only. Max $200 discount per cabin.

Pay in full by August 1st to receive a $50 per person discount*.
Again, this is for standard cabins only (categories VA through N).
* applies to Lead & Second passengers only. Max $100 discount per cabin.

Single Discount
If you are a single traveler and pay in full at the time of booking, you are eligible for a $400 discount.
You must call 1-800-Delbert to have the discount applied before paying.


If I have to cancel after May 1st, how much money do I get back?
Cancellation requests must be submitted by email to
Cancellation fees will be charged in accordance of the SBC 24 Booking Terms. (see below)

Any refundable funds will be applied to the credit card originally used. If this card is no longer valid, a Sandy Beaches Cruise check will be mailed. We will process refunds immediately but it should be noted that credit card refunds typically take 3-5 days to be processed by your bank. 10 days is not unheard of.

No funds will be 'rolled over' or held for future cruises.
A confirmation will be emailed to you. This will assist with your Travel Insurance claim.

May 2 until 100 days from date of sailing: Refundable less $200 per person cancellation fee.
(May 2 - September 28)
99-76 days from date of sailing: Refundable less $500 per person cancellation fee.
(September 29 - October 22)
75-46 days from date of sailing: 50% refundable less $500 per person cancellation fee.
(October 23 - November 21)
45 -0 days from date of sailing: No refund.
(November 22 - January 6)


Do I need a Passport?
Holland America Line highly recommends that all guests carry a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the completion date of travel. Having a passport will enable you to fly from the US to a foreign port in the event you miss your scheduled embarkation; or to fly back to the US if you need to disembark the ship mid-cruise due to an emergency. For further information please visit the Holland America website.

What do I need to know about Customs?
Each US resident is allowed a duty free exemption of USD $800 worth of merchandise. An additional $1000 worth of articles may be brought in and taxed at a reduced flat duty rate. After an absence of 7 days or more, Canadian citizens may bring back to Canada up to CA $750 of duty free merchandise which may include a maximum of 40 oz of liquor or wine; or 200 cigarettes. Guests who are neither US or Canadian citizens should check with the customs agent in their country.

US citizens are allowed to take out or bring into the US $10,000.

When will I receive my Boarding Documents?
On December 1st you will receive an email with your Booking Number. With this, you will be able to log into the Holland America website to check in for the cruise and print your boarding documents. You will also be able to book Shore Excursions and explore Spa Services. 


Is there a dress code?
CASUAL is the word for this cruise. You can dress up as much as you want to, or not. Holland America Line has requested that men not wear sleeveless shirts or bathing suits in the Dining Room. Women are just asked to refrain from swim suits in the dining room.


How can the ship be contacted from shore in case of an emergency?
Connecting to a Holland America Line vessel at sea is simple by using Ship Dial Service. A credit card is required for all inbound phone calls to a ship. The rate is $US16.00 per minute and billing begins at the time specified. Please have the ship's name, your party's name and stateroom number before you call.

· Dial 1-800-993-5483 (US). From outside the U.S. access 1-321-837-6106.
· Listen to the announcement.
· Listen to the menu and select the number that corresponds to the ship you are calling.
· If you receive a busy signal or message, please hang up quickly and try your call again.


If I am flying to Fort Lauderdale the DAY OF DEPARTURE (January 6th) what time should I land?
If you are arriving at the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) on Saturday, your flight should land no later than 2pm.  This gives you time to claim your luggage and take a taxi to the cruise terminal.  (Port Everglades)


If I am flying out of Fort Lauderdale the DAY WE RETURN FROM OUR CRUISE (January 13th) what time should I book my flight?
If you are flying home on Saturday, January 13th, we suggest you book your flight no earlier than Noon.  This is because there is always a chance that we might be delayed.  We are at the mercy of Customs, Immigration and weather.



I am flying into Fort Lauderdale and staying at one of the SBC hotels.  How do I get to my hotel.
Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) is about 4 miles from the hotels.  The SBC hotels do not have airport shuttles so you should take a taxi.  (approx $20 + tip)

I am flying into Fort Lauderdale the day of the cruise.  How do I get to the cruise terminal?
Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) is about 3 miles from Port Everglades.  We suggest taking a taxi to Port Everglades (approx $15 + tip)

I am staying at one of the SBC hotels.  How do I get to the cruise terminal?
Both hotels have shuttle services available for a reasonable cost and since the hotels are within 2 miles of Port Everglades, taxis are very reasonable as well. 

After the cruise, how do I get to the Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL)?
You have a couple options:
-Taxis are lined up at the pier and no advance planning is required. (approx $15 + tip)
-Holland America will have airport shuttles available to purchase onboard.


Luggage Direct is available in Fort Lauderdale.
For more information please visit


Where can I park if I drive to the ship?
There is secure parking inside Port Everglades for $15 per day.  Information can be found HERE

Parking outside Port Everglades is less expensive but also less convenient.  Information can be found HERE



When are my payments due?
Your second deposit is due September 1st and will be automatically charged with the credit card on file. 

Your final payment is due November 1st and will also be automatically charged with the credit card your designated.  A deposit of $500 per person is due at the time of booking.


Do I get a bonus for getting a new SBC cruiser to sign up?
Guests receive $50 per person of onboard credit for new cabin referrals. The following restrictions apply.

1. The referrer must be booked in a full-priced cabin.
2. Referrals apply to separate full-priced cabins only and cannot be applied to individual guests within a cabin.
3. All guests in the referred cabin must be new to Sandy Beaches Cruises. If a referred cabin adds a former SBC passenger
    at a later date, then the referred cabin will not be eligible for the bonus.
4.Referral credit applies to the first two passengers only. Maximum credit per referred cabin is $100.
5.Referral credit is not retroactive and applies to SBC 24 only.
6.Referred cabin guests must note the referrer's name in their original reservation. Referrals are not retroactive.


Can I smoke on board?
Smoking is no longer allowed on cabin/ suite verandahs.
Smoking is not allowed in any interior areas of the ship including cabins and the casino. 
Smoking is only allowed at the Lido Bar (Deck 9 aft, Starboard) and on the Sports Deck


Where Can I Purchase Travel Insurance?
We cannot stress the importance of travel insurance. Sometimes life throws you a curve when you least expect it, and you have to be prepared. One of the things that you don't think about until it happens to you is coverage for Emergency Evacuation. If you get hurt and have to get home for treatment, it is crazy expensive if you don't have insurance. Please get a quote and review the coverage before you decide to purchase it or not.




Can I get on a waiting list for a sold-out category?
Yes, if you are currently booked on SBC 24, you can be waitlisted for any sold out category by emailing


What does the price of my Sandy Beaches Cruise include?
* 7 Day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, PORTS TBA
* All concerts and songwriter sessions
* All meals at the Main Dining Room, the Lido Buffet, plus outdoor grills, and 24 hour room service
* Non-carbonated beverages (coffee, tea, juices)
* Use of ships pool areas
* Use of the Nieuw Amsterdam’s health & fitness center
* Club HAL for children
* Port Taxes and ticketing charges

What is not included in the price of my Sandy Beaches Cruise?
* Gratuities (for cabins, $12.50 per person, per day… for suites, $13.50 per person, per day), charged to your onboard account
* Casino charges
* Spa treatments
* Alcoholic beverages
* Soft drinks & bottled water
* Cover charges for the Pinnacle Grill ($35) and Canaletto Grill ($15)
* Explorations Café (coffee bar)
* Meals, events or tours in any port
* SBC pre-party; pre cruise hotels, or post cruise hotels
* Airfare
* Ground transportation
* Travel insurance